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May 23, 2018 by matthewrobinson

What is Gifto?

Gifto is a decentralized virtual gifting protocol that incentivizes and monetizes content generation by individual content creators on the internet on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Uplive, etc. Gifto was created by Asia Innovations Group, which is a company that created Uplive, an online streaming platform.



YouTube has a monthly active user count of 1.5 billion users. It is easy to create content, but it is very hard to get paid for creating content. The Gifto whitepaper claims that there has been an over-reliance on advertising revenue, which has led to systems that disproportionally favor mass-market content. The whitepaper argues that the advertising model has led to revenue deprivation that stifles the diversity and quality of content. The revenue model for content creators that use platforms like YouTube rewards creators that cater to mass-market content over niche, tailor-made content, which may have equal to or more value than mass-market content. For example, a host with a strong but small following on YouTube is not going to get paid nearly as much if they catered to advertisers and big audiences. This controversial topic even led one of YouTube’s most popular hosts to leave YouTube.


One could argue that it would be better if the people that watched content on the internet were the ones that rewarded content creators instead of the platform having the discretion to pay its creators. We have seen some success with that new model through Twitch and Uplive, where viewers can directly pay their hosts through donations and subscription fees. Recently this model helped a streamer under the pseudonym, Ninja, earn over $500,000 per month hosting on Twitch.

What if there was a way to take that solution one step further? Gifto attempts to enhance that model by offering digital gifts instead of direct dollar donations. This could benefit the status quo because although a streamer may not prefer a digital gift over a direct donation, viewers may want to send a digital gift instead of a dollar donation because they could potentially be more personal and meaningful.

Gifto explainer infographic
Visual for gift appreciation from Gifto Whitepaper

If you have never used a platform like Twitch or Uplive you may think the concept of a digital gift is senseless but Uplive’s 60,000+ broadcasters receive over 25 million virtual gifts from users around the world every month! It could seem crazy but anybody who is active in an online broadcasting community understands – and those types of communities are growing, which this report will examine later.

Gifto argues that gifts through visual expression and digital gifts make it more fun to send gifts and are critical in enhancing social relationships. As somebody who used to stream on Twitch and as somebody who has given donations to streamers, I can attest for Gifto’s argument. When somebody donates on a platform like Twitch or Uplive, they are temporarily featured on that streamer’s channel and will feel appreciated if the host shows visual gratitude for that donation. An extension to that will apply when a host receives a personalized gift. For example, If I were streaming myself playing poker, a viewer may think it is more fitting and to send me a digital gift of “pocket aces” or a digital chip holder instead of sending money. For somebody like Ninja, it could be cool for somebody to send him a limited-edition ninja sword or cloak digital gift. That gift would be more personal and could leave a longer impression than plain money.

Uplive has already proven that users are willing to pay significant amounts of real money for virtual gifts.

number of gifts sold from July 2107
Gifto digital gift sales from 2017 from Gifto Whitepaper

Asia Innovations Group admits that there are problems with Uplive’s virtual gifting platform that does not involve a cryptocurrency such as:

  • There is no universally trusted ledger to record the values of the characteristics (price) of virtual gifts
  • Virtual gifts are susceptible to sabotage such as duplicating limited edition gifts and falsifying transactions.
  • There is no organized framework to manage the high number of participants required to create, categorize, control, and run a sophisticated virtual gifting system, which makes it hard to attract and retain participants.

To address these issues, Asia Innovations Group created a cryptocurrency called Gifto. With Gifto, digital scarcity is applied to digital gifts, there is a ledger that records the value of all transactions, and an organized framework has been created to incentivize digital gift creation and design.

Background + Immediate Potential Demand

Asia Innovations Group, the owner of Uplive, is one of the main reasons to be excited about Gifto. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that have potential for outside establishments to adopt their cryptocurrency (what if banks used Bitcoin, etc), Gifto flips the dialogue because it’s a cryptocurrency that was created for internal use on Uplive’s platform, with the potential to spread to other external platforms. Asia Innovations Group / Uplive created Gifto presumably for their own platform to enhance the revenue model for their content creators as well as enhance the bond between their streamers and their viewers. As mentioned earlier, over 25 million virtual gifts are already transferred monthly on Uplive. What is going to happen to the price of Gifto if Gifto tokens and Gifto digital gifts replace Uplive’s currency digital gifting system? Given that Asia Innovations Group / Uplive is creating the Gifto token, we have reason to believe that they will replace their digital gifting system with Gifto in the future.


There has been a consistent upward trend in the growth of online streaming platforms. YouTube increased its streamer base by 343% in 2017 and Twitch by 197% in 2017!

With the growth of live-streaming platforms, Gifto is positioned well to take advantage of that growth.

BlockWolf Summary:

Although its relatively unknown to older generations, live-streaming has exploded in growth over the last 5 years. It is going to be hard for typical older investors to see the value in something like a digital gift, but regardless of their understanding of the topic, there is value in digital gifts to younger internet users and streamers. Gifto has the potential to influence live-streaming markets, specifically Uplive, which would generate significant demand for the Gifto token. We think that is likely. Something less likely, but possible, would be for Gifto to be used on other platforms outside of Uplive, such as YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, Facebook, Instagram, etc, but it could be possible for those platforms (Amazon, Google) to use their own token instead of adopting somebody else’s.

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