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BlokTalks organizes local blockchain related events and meet ups. BlokTalks is headquartered in Miami but has organized events in Caracas, and plans on expanding to other international cities.

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Private Investment Fund investing in cryptocurrency as well as innovative projects supporting blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology for the greater good.


Business organizations experience Intellectual Property theft internally through current and former employees and externally through cyber-attacks. Current Blockchain ecosystems encounter scalability issues with block sizes and contract sizes. The ability to mine the crypto currencies are limited to those that have the know-how, expensive equipment needed and ultimately adversely impact the environment with the electrical burden placed on the grid.

With Blockade, our Document Management solution provides users with Blockchain technology file encryption, Perfect Forward Secrecy on file transmission, 256-AES bit encryption on files at rest and user friendly tools to facilitate internal and external company collaboration. Our infrastructure solution will allow organizations to seamlessly transition their existing applications and build new applications on our platform allowing them to leverage Blockchain encryption technology with zero impact to the end user.

At the forefront of technological innovation, the blockchain industry is constantly changing and growing in an accelerated fashion. The Ceta Network mission is to nurture this evolution by providing foundationally sound projects with visibility and capital funding. Ceta Network drives our partners’ blockchain technologies and cryptographic digital assets to the public on an international stage.

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Linxus is a Boca Raton, FL based investment manager, founded in 2017 by Mark Harrington. Through our active management approach we build long-term and trusted relationships with our investors, located in United States. We focus solely on one asset class: cryptocurrency. This enables us to deliver the highest levels of expertise as well as top-notch client service.

Linxus is an open-end private fund formed for the purpose of acquiring and managing investments in cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, altcoins, ICOs, mining, and other present and future crypto currencies.

The Fund may hold Investments on or through, without limitation, established securities exchanges, crypto currency exchanges, “over the counter” markets, or through other private funds. The Fund’s investment strategy will be implemented using three primary approaches: (i) long-term buy-and-hold, including mining; (ii) mid-term trading on fundamental information and technical trends; and (iii) short-term trading, including day trading.

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