Meet the Team

We Are A Team Of Financial Analysts

BlockWolf’s research team is made up of intelligent and driven financial analysts. Every member of our team has attended top universities and worked at elite financial firms. BlockWolf is selective about who we work with because we know that the quality of our team defines the quality of our service. If we have the best team in the industry then we can build confidence in our members by making sure that they are receiving the best value possible. Our goal at BlockWolf is to help educate as many people as possible about the possibilities of blockchain technology.

Leadership Team

Matthew Robinson, Co-Founder/ CEO

Matt is the co-founder and CEO of BlockWolf. Being an experienced internet marketer, cryptocurrency investor, and graduate of Vanderbilt University, he wakes up every day with a hunger to make BlockWolf the biggest and most influential cryptocurrency newsletter and educational platform in the world. Matt’s favorite hobbies include writing/playing music, wakeboarding, and weightlifting.

Jeffrey Littman , Co-Founder/ Lead Researcher

Jeffrey is the co-founder and lead researcher of BlockWolf. Being a passionate cryptocurrency enthusiast, financial analyst, and graduate of Vanderbilt University, he strives to make BlockWolf the best possible platform for cryptocurrency investors. Jeffrey loves to cook and play poker in his spare time.